Thelen Williams

Crux Expedition Trailers Crux 1600 - Product Video


Whether you’re planning a week long excursion into the dry and dusty deserts of Utah, traversing treacherous mountain passes in Colorado, or simply taking the family out for a laid-back weekend by the lake, the CRUX 1600 Expedition Trailer will be right behind you.

Crux Expedition Trailers were born from the need to wander. The agile and compact yet heavyweight trailer, has everything one would need to explore the far fetches of the outdoors or simply set up for a quick weekend trip. The Crux team came to us with a specific challenge: Help us enable retailers.

The challenge Crux was facing, was at the retail environment and simply put, the retail sales people were not equipped with the training or collateral to "sell" Crux Expedition Trailers on the show floor.

Although it is designed and can be set up in about 15 minutes, many retailers just did not have the time or resources to go through the set up and tear down every time a customer would ask. So we worked together to develop a concise, compelling and entertaining "how-to" style video that showcased all of the features of the trailer.

Our objective was to create a video that captured the ease of set up while also detailing some of the specific features of the trailer. We were tasked with developing a video that could be playing at retail locations across the country, but could also be downloaded by customers so that no matter where their expedition took them they would have a video resource to aid them.

We selected Red Rocks National Park as the set and captured all the features of the trailer. The setting could not be more ideal as it both represented the "Crux" aspect of the brand but also as a way to nod to Colorado. We felt that an outdoors environment was more reflective of the type of environment the trailer would be set up in. The video now lives in retail locations across the United States and is available on all of the Crux Expedition Trailers social media channels for viewing and download.

It was great to work with the team from Thelen|Williams. We had tight deadlines and minimal resources, but the Thelen|Williams team pulled off some amazing shit and delivered a high-quality video. We have received positive feedback and immediate results since sending out the video. If we are going to do any more work, it will be with these cats.
Lorrie Francis - Crux Expedition Trailers