Thelen Williams

Crux CFO Advisors Branding & Website


Crux CFO Advisors is a strategic financial planning firm offering fractional CFO services for the SME market. They specialize in optimizing profits, cash flows and valuation with their ProfitMAX budgeting and planning solution. Their CFOs provide leadership tailored to their client’s operation and workflows with passion and care. Their CFOs bring decades of experience that allow for better, smarter financial decisions helping their client’s get to the next level of financial stability.

As a new business, the basic concept, skills and services were all in place, but the branding did not reflect their experience, knowledge and wisdom obtained after decades of serving the industry. Their specialization is what differentiates them and they desired to increase elements and details within the tone, look and feel, to evolve from a basic service offering to a brand that conveyed their combined success. Their existing identity, was simply a logo and a product and did not accurately represent who they were. It did not make the first impression they wanted. They wanted something modern, intuitive and designed with purpose.

With the definition of "crux" meaning "a particular point of difficulty", we wanted to make sure the branding evoked a trustworthy, helping clients through the tough times and caring tonality. To do this, we wanted the look and feel to be timeless with modern, simple iconography and a classy serif typeface, in hopes to evoke feelings of maturity, brand-longevity and wealth.

Structurally, the website didn't require much organization when it came to existing content, so we thought "why not make it a one-pager." A one pager allows all the information to be on the same page, and structured according to needs, hierarchal content organization and anticipated user-behavior. We wanted users to know and feel who Crux was as a brand and how they can alleviate stress in the potential clients life as quickly as possible.

This website is unique in the fact that the semantics behind the Crux brand are rooted in interpersonal relationships, honesty, trust and humanity. Crux wants to help their clients make more money and live stress free and with this very human approach, we wanted to showcase these values both visually and tonally.