Thelen Williams

All Sacred Tattoo Studio Branding & Website


The All Sacred Tattoo Studio | Foundation is an Edgewater, Colorado-based tattoo studio and non-profit organization. Founded by Aries Rhysing in 2016, one of the world’s foremost black ink tattoo artists, Aries took more than 20 years of tattooing passion and set out to build something greater than himself. Not just for his brand or business, but for his community, for his neighbors, for his family and everyone around him.

Together, we worked to identify a new brand identity for the Studio that would elevate and more accurately reflect the brand, but also was naturally translatable to the Foundation side of the business as well. We developed new positioning, logo treatments an intuitive, modern and compelling website.

In an effort to do everything they can to give back to their community, the All Sacred Tattoo Studio | Foundation website offers a Merch store, carrying a variety of items from brand apparel to limited edition prints and all proceeds from those purchases are directly donated to the local non-profits the Foundation supports.

In addition to donating time and sales from merchandise, the All Sacred Foundation also hosts an annual charity event called, Gathering for the Greater Good, which features local vendors, community organizations and popular artists such as GRiZ, where all proceeds from the event also goes directly to the community and non-profit groups the Foundation supports.