Thelen Williams

All Sacred Tattoo Foundation Gathering for the Greater good


The world can be a challenging, frightening and uncertain place for all of us. Imagine how that can be for those less fortunate? The All Sacred Foundation is a Colorado non-profit built to better the community. Through donations, events, merchandise and overwhelming support, the Foundation is able to make frequent contributions to the local organizations that matter to them most. Currently, these organizations include The Phoenix, The Colorado Center - Rainbow Alley, The Little Old Dogs Sanctuary and Art from Ashes.


On March 24, 2018, we gathered for a full day of tattooing, live painting, henna, haircuts, food, drink, music, merchandise & raffles, all for the betterment of our community. Not only that, but we had a blowout of an afterparty featuring the one and only GRiZ!

Since the beginning, the All Sacred Tattoo Studio has been passionate about giving back and supporting their local community. For more than five years, Aries Rhysing, the founder, set aside time each month for him and his artists to spend tattooing and donating all of what was earned to those who needed it most. Over time, the event grew allowing the All Sacred team to do even more for their community.

In 2016, we approached Aries with a desire to help share the goodness that he was contributing to the world and encourage others in the community to do the same. From our collaboration, came the Gathering for the Greater Good. This is an event that the All Sacred Foundation now hosts annually to showcase the Foundation, their efforts and encourage the community around them to participate.